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"When I get to the end of my life and I ask one final, 'What have I done?' Let my answer be: I have done love. Not: I have done perfect."

LR Knost

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Helping You Align with Your Highest Self

Living with intention and connection is at the heart of a life well lived. Like trees finding their way to the sun, we all need to find our own particular path. Enter Amy Janssens, an experienced mindfulness instructor, parent coach, motivational speaker, small business owner and outdoor educator. Passionate about self-care, self-regulation, and compassion, Amy shares mindfulness and parenting tools with individuals, families, schools and businesses. A licensed teacher in the State of Michigan and Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, Amy also holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction through Michigan State University. Amy has completed the yearlong Mindful Teacher Program through Mindful Schools and is working towards her MBSR certification through Brown University. 

Passionate about teaching and learning, Amy loves to empower her clients and audiences with the tools to show up in the ways they most want and form deeper connections in their lives.



With Amy's help, I was able to strengthen my connection with my children and shift the whole feeling in our home.

I cannot overstate my gratefulness for what Amy is doing to bring mindfulness to all of our kids at school....For providing the opportunity for my son to learn about and practice a skill that takes most of us a lifetime to master, my gratitude is simply immense.

I appreciated that Amy modeled the sits, the breathing techniques and shared many personal examples. This is not common in many other sessions I've attended in the past two decades. Thank you!



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